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Company History

The management team have over 30 years worth of planning experience working with local authorities, development companies and architects.

In October 2010 we started specialising in solar photovoltaic services, delivering solutions for clients within the initial growth period of the UK Solar PV market. We also provided consultancy services utilising our extensive business experience and network of contacts.

In January 2015 we identified an opportunity and SolarVision Lighting Technologies was incorporated to provide a distinctive brand for all aspects of solar pv and solar pv street lighting. SolarVision markets products with patented technological in order to present to its customers unique offers and bring a definite added value.

The first niche product offer marketed by SolarVision is a public and private lighting solution powered by solar energy.

The primary goal of SolarVision Lighting Technologies is to provide its customers with options in clean, efficient and renewable energy, through partnerships with innovative and creative companies. We work with partners whose strategic policy is centred on research and the continuous development of their products and who have a successful production apparatus.

In February 2016, SolarVision Lighting Technologies was delighted to announce a UK exclusivity agreement with HEI Solarlight to market their unique range of lighting products.


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