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Features and Benefits

Unique off grid solar lighting products

Our range is an economically and ecologically very attractive lighting solution. The off grid solar lighting system meets the hightest demands with respect to durability, functionality, quality and design.

Our range is perfect for the new or re-development projects where:

  • Access to the grid is difficult or impossible
  • Grid connection needs extensive trenching
  • Restoration of the surface is costly
  • Underground wiring is close to the end of life
  • Missing right-of-way makes trenching impossible
  • As an active contribution and clear sign to renewable energy

Power tube - patented photovoltaic technology

  • Poly directional energy yield (360°)
  • Picks up direct & indirect sunlight
  • Monocrystalline silicon cells (efficiency > 20%)
  • Withstands high windloads
  • No deposits on surface (snow, ice, dirt, sand etc.)

Power LED - high performance LEDs

  • 100 Lumen/Watt at 5,300k
  • Up to 7,200 Lumen
  • 75,000 hours life expectency
  • Easy brightness control
  • No light pollution
  • Exchangeable LEDs

Power control - intelligent energy management

  • Integrated programmable microcontroller
  • Smart system monitoring and controlling
  • Perfect battery/charging management
  • MPP tracking for maximised energy yields
  • Brightness control by PWM


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