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Products Range Overview

With their unique aesthetics, these products can enhance all your projects which call for designer and eco-friendly lighting.

The Eco Technology products equipped with the unique power tube technology, the latest generation LED technology and a programmable microprocessor (light management), will meet all your requirements of technological efficiency, eco-friendliness and energy efficiency.

Mira & Champ Range
Antares Range
Champ NG 190
Mira S 100
Mira 190
Mira 8000
Antares 2000 P100
Antares 4000 P200
Antares 8000 P200
Antares 16000 P400

Mira & Champ Range

mira range

Our premium range "Mira & Champ" comprises of 4 models:

  • Champ NG 190 specially designed for public squares, parks, parking lots, roundabouts, sidewalks, sorting centres etc.
  • Mira S 100 specially designed for sidewalks, traffic lanes, private roads, driveways, parks, car parks, bike paths, bus shelters, recycling centres, etc.
  • Mira 190 specially designed for roads, service roads, public squares, and moderate sized open spaces.
  • Mira 8000 specially designed for arterial roads, railroads, large open spaces, etc.

Antares Range

antares range

If you only wish to change the bulbs of your lamps with the latest generation of LED, please select our product range "Antares", which can also meet this requirement.

Our ANTARES range offers you the ability to quickly and simply install new lighting or replace obsolete ones with the latest generation LED lamps powered by solar energy.

We can offer you a 100% solar version, completely independent of the grid, but also a hybrid version (combining solar and on-grid system). In the hybrid version the role of the grid is to supplement any potential shortage of stored solar energy and to sufficiently charge the batteries to ensure the optimum functioning of the light. With these different versions, our aim is to offer a unified urban aesthetic for a project and to thereby be in a position to meet the different demands of customers with regard to infrastructure with the same model. Each of our models are available in single and double cross versions.

The Eco Technology products are equipped with the unique power tube technology, the latest generation of LED technology and a programmable microprocessor (for light management) to meet your requirements in terms of technological efficiency, eco-friendliness and energy efficiency.

Our ANTARES range comes in four versions, either entirely solar powered or hybrid, always with the option of a single or double LED head:

  • Antares 2000 P100 specially designed for public and private spaces, parking lots, bike paths, sorting centres, bus shelters, playgrounds, walks, private roads and footpaths
  • Antares 4000 P200 specially designed for roads, secondary roads, driveways, bus shelters, sorting centres, parking lots, parks, playgrounds, etc.
  • Antares 8000 P200 specially designed for primary and secondary highways, moderate sized open spaces, etc.
  • Antares 16000 P400 specially designed for arterial roads, highways, large public squares, large open spaces etc.

Please note that we can also offer an on-grid version of these products. You can, therefore, choose to change only the light source (the lamp head) or, if required, change the whole structure, by choosing an assembled mast, while remaining connected to the power source.


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